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Rooflines Roof Lanterns

Korniche multi-award-winning Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Korniche Roof Lanterns

Do you need more light in your home? We sell and install the award-winning stylish Korniche roof lantern range.

A Korniche roof lantern substantially changes the way your living space looks. Our lanterns can bathe your room in natural daylight, and make a room a beautiful space in your home to spend time with friends and family.

Rooflines Korniche lanterns use aluminium die cast components which allow for great accuracy and tight tolerances in order to deliver superb weather resistance and thermal retention. The lanterns are low maintenance and look stunning. We provide ‘off the shelf’ sizes and a build-to-order service – ask about our fitting too.

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Rooflines Sunrooms

Would love a roof lantern, but thought it was too expensive? Rooflines Korniche lanterns are the solution. From 60cm x 60xm to 6m x 6m, a range of sizes (including bespoke) are available. All our lanterns include a 10-year warranty.

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Die Cast Aluminium Components
Because we use aluminium, our die cast components are made with greater accuracy and tighter tolerances that deliver superb weather resistance and thermal retention, low maintenance and breath-taking aesthetics.

Strength is everything
Meticulously engineered to be the strongest and stiffest on the market, our roof lantern supports industry-leading maximum glass sizes without the need for additional rafters.

Victorian Inspired Ridge and Spas
Reminiscent of traditional timber structures, our roof lantern’s rafters and spas provide some of the narrowest sightlines available, ensuring you can enjoy a grander view.

Seamless Aesthetics
With no visible fixings and seamless joints throughout, your roof lantern doesn’t just change the way your living space looks. It changes how it feels.

Everything has a Purpose
The Korniche roof lantern’s simple design means it is capable of being fitted in minutes and glazed in seconds. It is the fastest and easiest kit to install on the market.

Protected Inside and Out
The roof lantern is fully thermally broken. Outside aluminium elements are connected to the internal ones through thermal breaks, vastly reducing heat transfer.

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Rooflines Sunrooms come in a variety of sizes and configurations that fit most buildings:
Please quote your ideal configuration number when you make an enquiry.

Rooflines Korniche Roof Lanterns can transform any living space.

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