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Roof Cleaning

Your roof is a large surface that attracts moss and lichen. The spores from these growths are wind-born and love damp surfaces. A roof is one area where you really don’t want moss to gain control. It attracts birds who search for grubs in the damp growth and it rapidly grows and takes over the tiles themselves. This can lead to the spread of growth into all the roof tile joints and crevices causing damage.

The consequence is an expensive one. Joints filled with moss can cause water entry where water is not designed to go. A water-damaged roof is an expensive repair and the extent of damage can be significant.

Roof before cleaningRoof after cleaning

The north slope of a roof is usually the worst affected area. Rooflines has the equipment and expertise to access any roof at almost any height to deal with all exposed elevations. When we have finished, you have got your roof back as good as new.

Flat Roofs laid in GRP – Fibreglass tends to look shabby in about 3 to 5 years. This type of roof often ends up with a Red pigment laying on the surface itself. Our specialist equipment clears the pigment/residue away along with any moss. I addition, the pigment and debris can cause blockages at water discharge points. We clear those too, bringing your roof back to a clean, usually safe to walk on roof area.

In addition, after cleaning and maintenance and a few days drying, we can apply our Rooflines Brand ‘Organic’ chemical as a preventative, well worth doing for a small extra cost.

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