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Ivy RemovalFoliage Removal

Ivy is often set in place as a feature, but it can become extremely troublesome and costly without ongoing care.

When out of reach and progressing into those unwanted areas such as under the eaves and roof tiles, this is when the real costs can become horrific.

Ivy has an amazing capacity to harbour wildlife and insects and feed damp into every part of the walls and timbers.

There is a professional, sustainable and effective way to deal with ivy. Rooflines offer this expert service. Without it, your ivy will not be effectively removed and your walls and structures will be left with marks that are impossible to remove, but Rooflines have the specialist equipment to bring the wall surface almost back to new.

Ivy overgrowth beforeHouse restored

Rooflines have the experience and equipment to clear growth from roofs, walls, chimneys, and deal with the overgrowth whilst maintaining the desired look your property requires (we won’t remove everything if properly maintained growth is part of the ambience of your building).

Another plant, often nurtured for its splendid foliage is the Wisteria, once established, can grow at a rapid pace, and, without knowing, creep under the roof tiles, causing costly damage. Again, we have the expertise and equipment to clear the growth from the roof without encroaching on the plant itself.

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Wisteria - beautiful but invasive