Project Description

Curved Gutter

Having trouble finding curved guttering?

Curved Gutter to bay windows was an architectural feature typically from the Victorian era; the Gutter was manufactured as all major gutter was – in Cast Iron.

You can still obtain Cast iron gutter today, but only in straight lengths. Today’s replacement gutter is Plastic, but, again, it is in straight lengths.

Rooflines has developed a machine that can form PVC plastic gutter to the same curve as the cast iron gutter it is to replace. There is no other in the UK.

The gutter comes in round only PVC and in shades of Black, Cream, Grey or White.

So if you have that bow or bay window, small or large, whatever radius, we can mould the shape and either supply for you to fit or we can measure, manufacture and install for you.

Curved Gutter on bay window
Old cast iron guttering
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