Rooflines TestimonialsWhat folk say

“Rooflines replaced my fascias and gutters in 1997 and the gutters were full of leaves and looked grubby, I called into their offices in 2002 and asked- ‘ could they come and clean out the debris and clean the PVC at the same time’. We said, of course, leave that with us! – we had been so busy with a replacement we never thought about this being part of our business, for the idea, we did the work for free and went to clean three others in the same estate whilst we were there. The house amongst others is a regular service.”

Mrs Greenwood – Leeds

“I am very pleased with the cleaning service and I only wish I could be so rejuvenated.”

Mrs Clapham – Ripon

“I didn’t think you would get the dirt off those gutters, but you did; your men never stopped. Let me have some brochures and I will tell my friends”.

Mrs Mayes – Wetherby

“Rooflines replaced the fascias and gutters in 2000 and when I retired, cleaning was not what I wanted, the Rooflines cleaning service compliments their work, the first clean was in 2005 and they clean regularly every 3 years as my house has a lot of trees around. My window cleaner does not have the expertise, nor the equipment, with Rooflines it’s a regular thing. Many thanks.”

Freddie Mathews – Harrogate

“If I had not seen one of your vans working nearby, and so glad I did would not have had my leaking gutter repaired, with that I decided to have all the gutters checked and cleaned out, they even tested the pipes and were friendly and very efficient, two nice men, many thanks.”

Mrs Philips – St.Helier, Jersey

“Our fibreglass garage roof was looking very grubby from the bedroom window and the roof lantern on top, very green with mildew; Rooflines came with their equipment and had the whole roof surface and the lantern looking like new in a day.”

Mr and Mrs Read – Berkshire

“I have been growing two Wisterias at the front of my house for 15 years, a lot of growth was encroaching the roof and actually going under the tiles, it was time to clean up the house, but nobody could give me the confidence that I had with Rooflines; they cut back, with my instructions, they cleaned the gutters, trying back the stems and gave excellent service and had great sympathy for my beloved ‘Wisteria’.”

Mr Foster – Isle of Man

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