Project Description

Conservatory Cleaning

When it comes to conservatories, the glass to the sides are easy to clean, but the roof panels and structural items (either polycarbonate, metal, or glass) are a different matter entirely. All these structures attract dirt from roads, trees, overlying roofs, and passing birds. Nature loves to grow things from wind-born spores, especially moss.

The main problem is the framework, mostly white PVC or a coloured foil wrap cover. This needs specialist attention as often fading has occurred allowing dirt to become ingrained. The finials and crestings on the roof itself can often be ingrained with dirt too and are not usually easy to clean without specialist equipment and cleaning chemicals.

Long reach glass cleaning perfect for conservatories

The gutters and pipes on conservatories still need to be cleaned inside to avoid blockages and prevent excessive clearing costs.

Conservatories with valleys and gully troughs are the most at risk from blockages and usually lead to water ingress to the main house wall and the joints to the valleys themselves. A simple clean and check with Rooflines can avoid substantial headaches later.

You inherit or buy a conservatory to enjoy that feeling of outdoor space and extra room, but it always feels better and of course, looks amazing after a good clean.

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