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Hybris Insulation

HYBRIS is an innovative NEW insulation material for your home.

This innovative technology product fits timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs, ceiling and suspended timber floors.

A HIGH THERMAL PERFORMANCE INSULATION – Ready to fit to your property. Includes a 10-year warranty.

  • Reduces Energy Loss: HYBRIS significantly reduces building energy consumption while providing maximum comfort. With a core declared thermal conductivity (λD) as low as 0.033 W/mK, HYBRIS provides a thermal resistance as high as 6.20 m2K/W for 205mm.
  • Airtight: HYBRIS is intrinsically airtight, stopping air infiltration from the outside and heat loss through convection from the inside.
  • Vapour control: HYBRIS’ external copper-coloured layer is a certified vapor control layer (Sd > 90m, Z = 450 MNs/g) and is intrinsically resistant to vapour.
  • Noise Control: HYBRIS is resistant to air infiltration; it can effectively control noise and provide sound insulation. A masonry wall with 125mm HYBRIS installed can achieve Rw (C; Ctr)> = 67.7 (-2; -4) dB.

Based on a honeycomb structure made from shaped polyethylene foams glued to aluminium coated polyethylene foils. It exhibits very high thermal performance. The special structure comprises a large number of low emissivity cavities, protected from dust and excessive air movement. Hybris also incorporates low emissivity external films provide additional thermal resistance, when associated with air cavities. This innovative modern insulation technology is available in panels of 1145mm x 1200mm and in a range of thicknesses from 50mm to 205mm ready to insulate your home and make it more energy-efficient.

Actis Insulation

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HYBRIS is easily installed between rafters, timber studs or within floor joists. It accurately fits all widths, held in place by compression. Hybris is also durable and doesn’t slump down over time.

With an air gap on either side HYBRIS can reach a total thermal resistance as high as 7.05 m2K/W for 205mm in a roof application.

Roof – thermal resistance Wall – thermal resistance
50mm 1.50 2.35 2.10
60mm 1.80 2.65 2.40
75mm 2.25 3.10 2.85
90mm 2.70 3.55 3.30
105mm 3.15 4.00 3.75
125mm 3.75 4.60 4.35
140mm 4.20 5.05 4.80
155mm 4.65 5.50 5.25
170mm 5.15 6.00 5.75
185mm 5.60 6.45 6.20
195mm 5.90 6.75 6.50
205mm 6.20 7.05 6.80

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HYBRIS in timber frame wall
HYBRIS in ceiling rafters
HYBRIS in pitched roofing
HYBRIS in masonry wall

CLEAN, QUICK, and EASY to install – insulate your home

HYBRIS is classified A+ for internal air quality according to ISO 16000 and is clean to use so doesn’t generate dust or fibre while cutting or installing. Rooflines are a specialist installer for ACTIS / HYBRIS insulation technologies.

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  • HYBRIS has been awarded LABC and LABSS registered details.
  • HYBRIS is NHBC accepted when used in accordance with its certification.
  • HYBRIS is CE marked and has European Technical Approval N°13/0121.
  • HYBRIS has been fully certified by accredited bodies.
  • In addition to laboratory testing, HYBRIS has been in-situ tested according to ISO 9869.

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Rooflines HYBRIS Installers can easily install this innovative new insulation in your home. Whatever, the wall or roof size, thickness or construction.

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