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Soffit & Fascia Cleaning

The soffit and fascia cleaning service is for plastic replacement soffit and fascias, mostly in a white PVCu, some are a foil-covered plastic, usually mahogany or even black. Both white and coloured soffits and fascias need separate specialist cleaning approaches. The white can often have shade discolourations and the fittings can need special attention.

Soffits before cleaningSoffits after cleaning

Rooflines has the equipment to either clean from ground level or at height to obtain the best effect for both types of fascia finish, some require our Rooflines cleaning products to remove marks and stains.

We generally find that most Fascias require a clean every 3 to 5 years. We also clean the facades prior to a home going ‘on the market’ – which creates a better impression and often a better sale price. Would you buy a dirty car, so you would rather buy a clean house?

We also have all the equipment to clean soffits and fascias at a high level and difficult to reach areas.

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