Project Description

Spray Cleaning

Spray cleaning gets into the places ordinary brush and water pressure cleaning cannot.

Rooflines have used this method on areas of general dirt and atmospheric dirt to bring back a cleaner path or covered walkway quickly and effectively. Spray cleaning can be carried out at any time of year.

We use a tried and tested method using very little water on areas such as internal and external swimming pools, carports, porches, patios, and light gravel paths without disturbing the gravel pattern.

We also use the Rooflines method on lightly covered patios and paths, before we chemically treat an area with our Organic solution to maintain its look for longer. Our specialist machines also make clean work of Fence panels – Swimming Pools – Gates – and Rendered Walls.

Flat roofs are a particular problem with the build-up of foliage, moss, and slime. Our spray cleaning leaves the roof clean and safe, including any skylights.

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Driveway spray cleaning
Swimming pool spray cleaning
Spray Cleaned paving slabs
Spray Cleaned Driveway
Roof before spray cleaningRoof after spray cleaning
Dirty roof before spray cleaningClean roof after spray cleaning